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Looking for someone who knows and appreciates a good woman. I totaly love being pampered and high marks just knowing that he took the time to plan out our time together to make it extra special.Oh, and one tiny thing, physically and emotionally allergic to smokers. Nashville Every spring, the Cherry Blossom Festival aims to plant 100 Cherry Blossom trees as a means of both beautification and international exchange.The festival offers attendees the chance to learn about Japanese culture as well as celebrate the coming of spring -- and dogs are very welcome to do the same.The Whisker Walk benefits a number of New England animal shelters and rescue groups, so you’re doing good simply by taking much-needed walkies!In addition to helping dogs in need, you and your four-legged friend can partake in any number of fun and helpful activities -- visiting the petting zoo with your kids, getting free rabies shots, entering raffles, or even on-site microchipping.The Wag Club hosts a special Wine ‘N Puppies class every Monday evening to get you both through this tough time. The instructors will help train them in social interactions and playing nice with the world at large.For the pet parents who might feel stressed watching their babies on a virtual puppy playground? Attendees have given the event rave reviews -- and reported great improvement in their puppy’s development into a well-acclimated city dog. Boston It’s not every day that you get a chance to do some good with your dog, but on April 4, you and your best friend can head to Lancaster Fairgrounds and make a difference.

Dogs love the taste, while you'll love the healthy ingredients that provide energy for an adventurous pup's life.

The Pups in Pink Parade is specifically designed to let your dog strut his stuff in whatever attire you like.

Judges will be taking in the costumes, and if you’ve got your doggie couture game on point, you and your best friend might just trot onto the winner’s podium.

Maybe you two will even begin training in a new activity together -- whether it’s jumping, retrieving, or... Read on to see the ways you and your dog are going to make this season into the adventure it’s meant to be.

New York/New Jersey Think your dog is the best pup in the world?

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