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Jayne also believes in keeping dancers strong and flexible because she truly believes that strength is grace!

"Dance" expresses what we are from the inside - out.

Aariel truly enjoys teaching the middle school/high school age classes and hopes to inspire others who may be transitioning into their teen and adult years to continue with their interests regardless of peer pressure or stereotypes.

In addition to her background, she continues to study from world-renowned master dance teachers.

Jayne began taking dance classes in Youngstown, Ohio in 1959 at almost 3.

Her Aunt Flo opened a small studio and had been training in the "Al Gilbert" method of teaching Tap Dance (Al is still the "voice" of tap at TJ Dance) Then came the early 60s and most of Jayne's family moved to the San Fernando Valley in California.

Stephanie loves teaching Children, it is her passion and it bring joy to her heart with each class she teaches.

In the mid 60s, Jayne often attended the summer workshops known as "Dance Caravan" with teachers Betty & Danny Hoctor, Mallory Graham and Kit Andree. "It was so fun to spend the day in a huge ballroom full of dancers, changing teachers and dance styles every hour.In high school, Peg used her dance training in cheer, drill and the gymnastics team. Music and Dance were always, and continue to be, a big presence in her home. Peg continues to study dance by taking class in ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet School Eastside, jazz classes and tap workshops locally. Aariel has been dancing since the age of three, all of which have been right here at TJ Dance.Peg joined Jayne at TJ Dance in 1989 to teach a few ballet classes and to learn tap dancing from Jayne. Peg believes in teaching the love of dance and learning an appreciation for classical music, along with the fundamentals. She performed in her first TJ Dance recital alongside her mother and her sister, and has been dancing ever since! For as long as she can remember, Aariel has also been in love with drawing.Chelsea is currently a Kidney Dialysis Technician at Puget Sound Kidney Center and is married to her husband Bill.She has a passion for people as well as dance and loves helping in any way she can. She continued until her Freshman year of Highschool, when she decided to try out for the Hazen Drill Team.

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