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Reaching the end of the trail, at the cliff’s edge an incredible view of the island and the many birds living there can be observed.Plazas is located at the east of Santa Cruz Island, and forms part of two islands known as Islas Plazas.You can see two species of petrels that nest in cavities and holes in the lava. The red-footed booby nests only in the outer islands of the archipelago, Punta Pitt, Gardner (Floreana), Wolf, Darwin and Genovesa. During the “panga rides” along the cliffs, fur sea lions and several species of seabirds can be seen.This bay has its origin when the crater of this island collapsed below sea level.There are great possibilities of snorkeling with playful sea lions and tropical fish.In 2004 the Breeding and Rearing Center for young tortoises Jacinto Gordillo, named after a famous settler, was located in Cerro Colorado, San Cristobal Island, in order to take care of young tortoises.The wet landing is on a beautiful white coral sandy beach.

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Blue-footed boobies perform their courtship dance in the more open areas and swallow-tailed gulls perch on the cliff edges.Swallow tailed gulls nesting in the rugged cliffs are seen along with other seabirds as: Audubon shearwaters, red-billed tropicbirds, frigate birds, and brown pelicans.Located in the southeastern part of the Galapagos, this island was formed from an uplift instead than a volcanic origin, this is why it is mostly flat.This day you will fly from Quito, Ecuador to the Galapagos.Due to the Galapagos Government, a fee of 20 USD must be paid for the migration control card.

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