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People diagnosed with schizophrenia will often push anyone that is not in their inner circle of friends away and often times won’t go out of their way to meet new people.This definitely decreases there opportunities of dating.“The best thing to say is, ‘I love you and I care about you.This doesn’t change how I feel about you,’” he says.Like any relationship, it is important for both partners to be present and supportive in the relationship.

Frank Baron, who has schizoaffective disorder, a type of mental illness that triggers symptoms similar to schizophrenia, says that when someone is newly diagnosed with a disorder like schizophrenia, their loved ones should try to show compassion.So how exactly does schizophrenia affect someone’s “love life”? Absolutely, people with schizophrenia are not incapable of having a relationship, it just takes more work from both sides of the relationship.Schizophrenia greatly affects the person’s social skills.This generally means things such as not completing everyday tasks; dressing and bathing.Other common symptoms found in a person with schizophrenia include irritability, lack of motivation, withdrawal, and drastic drops in everyday performance.

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