Sax setvalidating

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If you want the points then take them I don't care about them but don’t apply this scare tactics on the asker.You and objects are really making the experience of using this site very unpleasant and I am seriously considering stopping it.Sorry to appear thick, I can't make them reachable at Are you saying that I need a web server running and the XML and XSD files need to be in the gapanalysis virtual drive of that server?The form of the schema Location attribute in XML is ...This tutorial uses the Java language in its demonstrations, but the concepts are substantially similar in all languages, and you can gain a thorough understanding of SAX without actually working through the examples.The standard means for reading and manipulating XML files is the Document Object Model (DOM).It is aimed at developers who have an understanding of XML and wish to learn this lightweight, event-based API for working with XML data.

I get the same error even if I swap for file:/c:/path_to_xsd_folde Well, the question is answered, as in it's now validating the XML using the XSD file.

also see set the ** Note that I comment out the set Validation as this will trigger the old style of validating (using jaxp attributes) When you set a Schema on the Document Builder Factory, as I do above, the xml will be validated against it.

The above should be changed to "test.xsd" (forgot the "") when replaced my filename with yours..

(You can get a basic grounding in XML itself through the Introduction to XML tutorial, if necessary.) In this tutorial, you will learn how to use SAX to retrieve, manipulate, and output XML data.

Prerequisites: SAX is available in a number of programming languages, such as Java, Perl, C , and Python.

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