Sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

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While Donna and Harvey have finally reached the pinnacle of their personal lives, will that newfound happiness help or hinder their ability to save the firm from yet another ethical scandal?With only 10 episodes left to wrap up the story of Suits, TV Guide talked to executive producer about what to expect from the final run, and of course, what all of that drama means for Harvey and Donna in this new chapter.Katrina Bennett PLAYED BY AMANDA SCHULL Amanda Schull stars as Katrina Bennett, Louis Litt’s former associate who has returned to Specter Litt as a Junior Partner.In hopes of a future promotion, she will be forced to be less of a lone wolf in the firm and step up as a leader.

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Cool and calculating, Jessica always makes sure that even if one of her attorneys loses, her firm still wins.The second biggest was Zane getting disbarred and a little bit disgraced, and the biggest was obviously Harvey and Donna getting together.So, that sort of dictated what we’re doing, and that’s how we did it.However, there are some things that Jessica isn’t quite ready to share, and Louis’s recent discovery of Mike’s secret may soon put her in the compromising position of having to choose between her blossoming romance and the firm she’s worked so hard to build…Suits is back for one final round, and it is the most highly anticipated season of the USA drama ever.

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