Ryan and emma dating

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If you've been paying attention to the marketing campaign for La La Land, you know that Hollywood two hours fellating itself with song is just what America needs during these troubled times.

We hear there's a scene in which Ryan Gosling croons about various strategies to fix Obamacare without repealing, all while performing a Gene Kelly soft-shoe that will just melt your grandmother's heart.

So it just makes it look as if I’ve had, like, 6,000 boyfriends!

” Emma Watson joked during an interview with Glamour.

Emma, now 25, has reportedly been spending time with 35-year-old tech manager William “Mack” Knight over the past few months.

actress spent a week-long romantic getaway with Knight relaxing at popular vacation spot Big Sur in California.

Look, we get that it's an attractive piece of fluff at a time when people are desperate to forget that a pair of tiny tantrum hands are doing their best to tear the Constitution apart.

But can everyone stop calling this movie "risky," like it's a VR remake of Eraserhead?

Despite the age difference — Emma was 19 while Jay was 26 — it seemed to be the real deal. Unfortunately, when she began school at Brown, the distance didn’t work for these former love birds.They were going strong for two years, but like many of her previous relationships, the distance became too much.Emma and Matthew were spotted ringing in 2014 on a romantic Caribbean getaway.Lasting a year, the alleged reason for the split was due to the rugby player being a ladies man and posting too many pics with other girls. After hitting it off at a 2008 Cartier Polo Party, the two had a brief dating stint.It wasn’t long before the UK star broke poor Emma’s heart, reasoning that he didn’t want to be dating “some childhood star.” Looks like Emma gets the last laugh here!

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