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However, it is frequently genuine — many profiles warn users that they are married (in some cases wedding photos make it onto the profile) and that they are just looking for friendship and interesting conversations.Making friends is why Anya, my third date, uses Tinder.

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Crews breathe an oxygen/nitrogen mixture that is at partial atmospheric pressure compared to Earth.

A charming and intelligent 20-year-old with superb English, Anya doesn't like going out drinking, so Tinder provides an ideal way to meet people. on Saturday, she spots me at a club and approaches, excitedly introducing herself as "Maria from Tinder!

Prior to Tinder, she used a now-defunct Russian website called Cinemate that matched up strangers who didn't want to go to the movies alone. " Meeting a Tinder match by chance in real life was a little strange and unsettling.

Indeed, several profiles state a broader desire to simply meet people and make friends.

In some cases this a smokescreen used as a pretext to more easily dispose of unwanted attention.

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