Rules of dating korean movie wiki

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And of course, weddings can be very expensive in Korea too.But if you’re still at the bottom working your way up to the top manager position at the local Mc Donalds, don’t worry too much. That’s why most families will pay for their share of the wedding costs.

Archaeologists excavated more than 250 iron weapons and ingots from Burial No. From the beginning of the 15th century, the Korean government designated Busan as a trading port with the Japanese and allowed their settlement.

But brides return the favor with In many places in the world, it’s common for the bride to take the groom’s family name. That means even if Seonmi Choi marries Kyungsu Park, she will still keep the name her daddy gave her, Choi.

But if you’re kind of creepily obsessed with having an Korean name, there’s no law against it.

But of course if you’re a non-Korean, you will become a multicultural family, and that means your Korean lover and his/her family will have to adjust to you as well. The girl’s got the ring and the boy’s got the swag. And that means most marriage plans are on hold until the scary moment when both sides of the family meet.

The families of the potential bride and groom will get together for an official dinner at a nice restaurant to make sure no one’s getting married to a family of crazies.

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