Row cannot be located for updating vb6 access blind guy dating trailer

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Hi I'm using VB6 and access97, I have an ADODC on one of my forms, when I try to update with : Adodc1.recordset.

Update I get the following error: Run time error -2147217864 Row cannot be located for updating.

My workaround was to manually resync the recordset after every update Hope this helps. I ran into a similar problem a while back when doing an update. The Jet Database Engine of Access auto-fixes minor issues that crop up in the database from time to time while reading and writing data normally.Due to this, in most cases, you may never find out that something went wrong! Good because your work is not interrupted, bad because corruption can become worse with time if not treated.If you’ve used the Access database, you know that it’s Microsoft’s proprietary Database Management System (DBMS).And just as Microsoft’s other applications, it’s efficient as well as very user-friendly.

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