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After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.One issue which I think is missing today is romance- just the fun of meeting and dating- wining and dining- feeling that special attraction.When date night arrives, set up your pizza parlor with nice place settings, a fizzy drink and some pizza art! Pizza dough from scratch is actually really easy – we used this fantastic recipe!While the dough is rising you can prep the rest of your ingredients.Bring the bottom of your heart to a point by overlapping the dough and trimming the excess.

(not talking about sex- )The more subtle forms...... sunny I think it depends on what you call romantic.But after this date night, I realized it’s actually really easy. Then carefully cut out a little triangle shape at the top of your circle.Round out the two sides to form the top of your heart.My husband brings flowers on occasion but that is about it.He doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and I don't care. Hubby: "Hey I got that great job offer we were talking about in Calamazoo." Me: "Oh I'm so happy for you it will be a great job." Hubby: "yeah I guess we'd better hurry up and get married so they will move your stuff too... " Me: "yeah uh in the closet" The wedding took place at the JP's office during work so traffic in Dallas wouldn't be so bad.

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