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Further research should focus on the assessment of the effect of different TTM education interventions on the transfer of the knowledge/skills to bedside and subsequent patient outcomes.This study investigates cross-linguistic influence in multilingual (Ln) acquisition of two English structures (i.e., Adv-V word order and Subject-Auxiliary inversion (residual Verb-Second, V2) by bilingual Norwegian-Russian adolescents.noun, pronoun and null element, in a ‘null-object’–‘overt-object’ language pair (Ukrainian and English).Data and Analysis: Participants of the experiment are 4–6-year-old Ukrainian–English bilinguals (N20) and Ukrainian monolinguals (N21).Pulley was given a personal recognizance bond during a hearing Thursday at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse, according to police.

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In the simulation group, skills were significantly better immediately after the training, however, there was no significant difference between the groups 6 weeks later.

Aims and research questions: This paper presents a new study addressing the issue of cross-linguistic influence in acquisition of referring expressions.

The main research question is how to predict directionality of this influence in a dual language development.

Nurses trained with high-fidelity simulation may benefit from such training by maintaining their TTM knowledge longer.

Frequent “booster” sessions may help to maintain their competency in the use of cooling equipment.

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