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Those who are diagnosed with aphasia have difficulty speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

They can speak write simple and clear notes to convey messages, they can engage them in speech-sound activities and picture cards can be used to convey meaning.

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When you sit down, don’t immediately pull out your mobile phone or book.

Sign language and information communication technology (ITC) can also be used for communication.

Auditory Processing Disorder Understanding Auditory Processing Disorder Classroom Modifications for APD Overview of APD This acquired communication disorder affects a child’s ability to process language.

The average college student graduates with ,600 in student loan debt.

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A child with an acute learning disability may be socially appropriate and may only need slight modifications in their academic program, while a child with a severe disability may be socially inept and may require special learning tools to meet their academic needs.

Made of printed components as well as carbon rods and elastane fabric, the robot flies just like the large bat, and has an integrated infrared camera.

More A group of researchers at the University of Calgary has developed a method of recycling human waste in order to produce 3D printing materials.

The term “learning disability” is used to describe an array of different types of disabilities that impede learning.

Learning disabilities range from mild to moderate to severe; children who are classified under this title are not necessarily affected the same way.

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