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The company combines traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. To maintain and magnify a lore of perfection is a matter of pride, perseverance and adherence to long-established standards associated with a name and a product.

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Modern technology combined with almost 250 years of knife making skills has made PUMA one of the finest lines of cutlery for the outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, backwoodsman, camper and collector.Instead of classic staghorn most of the IP products are provided with wooden scales (in some cases olive wood). Overall PUMA IP represents a great assortment in the best price-performance ratio.The production of PUMA TEC knives is outsourced by selected international partner manufacturers in Asia.On our PUMA Knives page we want to give you some background information about the company and their high quality knives made in Germany. “PUMA-WERK Lauterjung & Sohn” in Solingen, Germany, has a history dating back to 1769 which adds up to almost 250 years of cutlery experience. If you have any suggestions or questions about our products please contact us.

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