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This principle, applied to decision making, suggests that making a decision in a problem should not be affected by how the problem is described.

Respectively, if introduced only to the negative framing, it is possible to assume that by choosing option A, the probability of more than 400 people dying is greater than zero.If judgments are made on the bases of irrelevant information as described, that is called an extensionality violation.Tversky's and Kahneman's research has later been criticized for a subtle difference between the phrasings of the options in the two scenarios.Older adults, on the other hand, make choices based on immediate reactions to gains and losses.Older adults are influenced heavily by the inclusion or exclusion of extraneous details, meaning they are likely to make serious medical decisions based on how doctors frame the two options rather than the qualitative differences between the options, causing older adults to inappropriately form their choices.

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