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Worker Reports Progress = true; i Count Log Records. EDIT Apologies, I did not realise my simplified code blocked the UI Thread, I get exactly the same behaviour despite using a backgroundworker so I erroneously assumed they were equivalent.Worker Supports Cancellation = true; i Count Log Records. I should have mentioned I was using a backgroundworker : P classes to update it.I have displayed I have also tried as displayed in the android developer tutorial using a Thread but with no success (though I did not use a while loop but a for loop, but figured it shouldn't matter). I have a WPF form containing a button and a progress bar element.However, the UI Thread of the Progress Bar Window and my main window both hang despite all the work being done in a backgroundworker.The progressbar is rendered, as is my main window, but does not update whilst the backgroundworker does its thing.Progress Changed = Event Count Log Lines Progress Changed; i Count Log Records.

Click = Event Count Log Lines Progress Bar Cancel Button Clicked; i Count Log Lines Progress Bar.

In my activity, I have a button which starts the processing, when I press on it, the progress Bar does not update and after a while the operation is complete and I see the result of the processing (so the function is properly called and act as expected).

The progress Bar is visible, it just does not update.

It's important to note that only the UI thread can update the interface.

So, once you are running on a separate thread, you have to go through an extra hoop to make sure that your UI change is processed on the UI thread. To get your command processed on the UI thread, use the Control.

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