Prithviraj and priyamani dating

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Priya: Musthafa comes from Mumbai to Cochin just to see me and dine together and that too for two or three hours. He really liked the double role I played in the movie . I was sceptical that whether an actress would take love life and marriage seriously. Musthafa: If Priya has time and interest, of course, it could happen.

This has happened even between the shooting of D for dance. Musthafa: Priya likes surprises a lot and I like to surprise her with gifts. I liked her dance performance in the movie ‘Ravan’. He calls me and tells his opinion whenever he sees a movie of mine. Priya: Actually he took many weeks to believe my words. Priya: Once he came to my flat and I made coffee for him. I consider it as my luck to work together with her.

All credit goes to for his faith and the technicians who etched my role despite it being totally deglamourised.

The entire team deserves ample praise.” [About Best actress award]Hot tamil actress priyamani’s Movie list: Priyamani’s Tamil Movie List: Trisha is a lead actress in Tamil and Telugu Film industry.

I am kind of a boring person, you can say; a teetotaller and a non smoker! What are the most cherished moments in the last four years? Sometimes, we will have petty fights and I won’t talk to him for a while.

In spite of being a celebrity, she never asked me to attend the parties and to have drinks. She never interferes in other people’s personal space. He too has considerations for other people’s feelings. Then he will try to do something naughty to cheer me up. Musthafa is the first person in my life who does such lovely things for me. I too like it and I am very happy that he does such things. Musthafa: We are two persons with different tastes. According to my horoscope, it is good to delay marriage now.

If you ask me about the most fascinating and respectable element in her character, I would say that I like the way she allows me to be who I am.But he is not that kind of a person who flatters people for his advantages. If he doesn’t like anything, he will tell it right away. Hence, understanding each other was a gradual process for us. Astrologers say that my best time is yet to come, after marriage; it could either be in real life or reel life.The only similarity between us is that both of us like cinema. I am not saying that we don’t travel together at all, but most of the time, especially in South India, there are restrictions for travelling as there is the issue of privacy. At the same time, he doesn’t have any hesitation to criticise me too. Can we expect a movie of Priya in Musthafa’s direction?But that scandal helped her to get more movies during that period and she reached more fame.5. College classmates meet for a 10-year reunion, which does not go as smoothly as planned.

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