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For maximum objectivity there are usually three EPO examiners, one of whom maintains contact with your patent attorney.

This stage will often involve dialogue between the examiners and your patent attorney, which may result in the re-drafting of key parts of your application.

In order to avoid delay, it is vital that all documentation conforms in every detail to official requirements. At the EPO, applications are accepted in English, French or German.

You must trust the skill and judgement of your patent attorney, as patenting involves a complex mix of law and technology.

The search is based mainly on your claims for novelty, but your description and any drawings will also be taken into account.

The report will often include an initial opinion on the patentability of your invention.

The claims in particular need to be drafted with skill, as they are the most important aspect of a patent.

If your documentation appears correct, your application is given a filing date - also known as your priority date.

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