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Inside is a free museum detailing the history of the building and with exhibitions on aspects of life in Wrocław, like the city’s tram network.And you can also check out the plush council chamber upstairs and the merchants’ hall on the ground floor.A lot of the city was wrecked in a three-month siege at the end of the Second World War, but you’d never know it to see Wrocław’s historical wonders today.Let’s explore the best things to do in Wrocław: During the Siege of Breslau Wrocław was almost flattened, which only makes the skyline of church spires and Baroque gabled townhouses all the more astonishing.This, along with the Zdrój fountain from 2000 and the statue of writer Aleksander Fredro, is one of the three meet-up locations of choice for friends in Wrocław.The oldest part of Wrocław cropped up on what used to be an island in the Oder.

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The pillory just next to the Town Hall dates to 1492 and had to be pieced back together.

The main building of the city’s reputable university doubles as a museum.

This institution, taking over from a Jesuit college, was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold in 1702.

By the 19th century the arm of the river separating it from the bank was closed off to prevent flooding.

When Ostrów Tumski was first developed in the 10th century the river created a natural defence, and the first brick buildings arrived in the middle of the 12th century.

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