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According to the rumors, Western men who marry these Asian women should provide for all the needs of their wives’ family; from school fees down to their allowances.Your chances of having this happen are so much higher with an American girl that the comparison is simply absurd.She writes about the culture and mentality of Asian women.As an editor of, she also shares the secrets how to win hearts of Chinese, Japanese and Korean ladies.While it pays to be careful, you should also remember that there are bound to be Thai and Philippine women just like you, looking for love the modern way by visiting online dating sites. She is a wonderful woman who is married to a German man.Ying was born in China but has lived in Germany for about 5 years.

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Based on these rumors, Thai and Philippine women crave to be in America so much that they will do anything which even includes marrying people they do not care about. Thai and Philippine women look for Western men to date online so that when they get married, the American husbands will be the ones to support their wives as well as their whole family.

Here are the top rumors about dating Thai and Philippine ladies: Many of these rumors stem from the fears Western men have about news they have heard about illegal sex trading and prostitution.

Based on the rumors, these women are pimped and controlled by mafias who seek to victimize Western men looking for Asian women to date.

Moreover, Asian ladies often have high respect for marriage; they are unlikely to just leave their husbands.

If you are a Western man trying to look for love from Asian women online, do not despair.

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