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They throw millions of dollars at it with little to no results because the system itself is broken at its core. If you've never been there your not missing much at all. He drew a crowd of over 10,000 people with thousands who couldn't get in. Who voted against giving equal rights and voting rights to blacks? It's no wonder Dems are trying to destroy our history and trying to regulate courses of study in our educational system. Trump had almost 10,000 still outside who couldn't get inside Creepy Uncle Joe had 193 total at his rally..... our country is being invaded Everything We Know About The Explosive Devices Sent To Trump Critics "At least 10 explosive devices were sent to a group of prominent Democrats and Trump critics this week, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Rep. The devices, which resembled pipe bombs, were mailed to political targets frequently criticized by President Donald Trump and right-wing figures.

Put the government in charge of the worlds deserts and within 2 years there will be a shortage of sand! At the same time former Vice President Joe Biden was in Las Vegas (A Democrat stronghold in Nevada and the biggest city by population in the state) and only 193 people showed up, 193! it is probably safe to assume that none of those brought their young daughters with them The Right gets letters of Riacin The Left gets Bombs The people get screwed either way in the confusion and costs to investigate Look here, don't look here..... Authorities believe all of the suspicious packages came from the same sender".

Those responsible will be brought to justice.” Interesting remark, given that former Clinton aide Philippe Reines had earlier today said Trump is ultimately responsible, as the President of United States and our country’s Inciter-in-Chief". Another one of those far-right conspiracy theories that make no sense.

Right now, 51% of the country is swinging Democrat.

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Ted Cruz in Texas, Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC said what Trump meant is Lawrence O’Donnell: He knows that in America, the word nationalist usually follows the word white. Now, since the alleged perpetrator of bomb-gate, Cesar Sayoc Jr., is a Republican, Democrats can now position Trump supporters and conservatives in general as just as crazy as them. Claire Mc Caskill, who’s in one of the tightest races in these midterms, as much as admitted that the Democrats have gotten crazy. I was trolling for ads on the Internet and watched this one like three times to be sure I was actually seeing and hearing it correctly. She’s got terrific expertise in clean energy, and her platform for reducing carbon emissions is strong and achievable.

For any who think socialized medical coverage (Medicare for all) is such a wonderful solution, just look up the stats on veterans who suffer under this farce!

There isn't enough time or space to list the horrors and abuse under this type of system!

My school work suffered and my friends thought I was moody.

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