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But those assisting the women exiting violent relationships said it remained rare for the offenders to be prosecuted, due to fear of retaliation, fear of police, and fear of deportation.

"We see men using the control they have over their partners' visa status as a threat, to keep them in the relationship and be able to continue perpetuating that violence against them," Ms Bogoyev said."It's a form of coercion and control that can be potentially very dangerous."Women who do leave a relationship are often not eligible for Centrelink and Medicare, leaving them at the mercy of church charities and women's refuges to shelter them.

She said it upset her to think there were other young women trapped in suburban homes in similar situations."It's because of the poverty at home that people come here for marriage, and I believe there are lots of women out there who can't speak for themselves."I just want to tell them, there's help.

It was in fact a police officer assuming a child’s persona to trap sexual predators.

According to the Department of Home Affairs, between 3,000 and 7,000 people moved to Australia on "Prospective Marriage" visas each year.

Since 2010, the biggest numbers have been women arriving from the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Thailand.

But I am very happy, and I am so glad we met, and soon I will get my visa, so that's good." The Federal Government has made a number of changes to try to reduce exploitation.

The number of overseas partners a person can sponsor has been capped at two in a lifetime, and in 2018 laws were introduced making it mandatory for sponsors to undergo police checks as well as character checks.

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