Pathauto not updating

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If you sign up you can expect to get an email from the Pathauto and URLify module maintainers if/when there is significant news in the development of their modules such as the release of a new version or a security update.Pathauto Specifically for Pathauto the main area that is most up to date for news and changes to pathauto will probably always be the Issue Queue.IT IS available in the "Node Path Settings" replacement patterns.Can one use that across the board in the other areas or is it variable (replacement pattern) that is not available in the blog?

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[type]/[title-raw] Simply look at the "replacement patterns" and decide what pieces you want to use in your URLs for different content types.

It would be nice to have finer control over this behavior so that you could have it regenerate the alias for a particular node without having to change the default settings.

Or perhaps, for unpublished nodes, it could continue to change the url since it's not live.

Redirect from old alias." This will ensure that Google, etc.

will find your new URL by getting redirected from the old one. Leave the existing alias functioning." which is very dangerous since it could end up generating tons of "duplicate content" on your site.

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