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‘He has done wrong, but there is a reason he got mixed up in all that, everything that was going on,’ she said.

However, prison time in Thailand, at any institution, is not easy particularly for foreigners and especially, according to reports, in recent years with severe overcrowding and the consequent need for tighter prison discipline.

She said this mental condition had led her son to become vulnerable to the influence of others.

Lance’s mother is deeply committed and devoted to her son as is his father.

The crime was a most serious and reprehensible one that would be condemned by nearly all foreigners in Thailand, however, the attitude of the young man and his family to the ordeal has, so far, been inspiring.

The UK man was jailed for 50 years in Thailand in June 2015, after being caught in August 2014 attempting to sell 200 ecstasy pills to an undercover informant for the Thai police at a car park outside a supermarket in Pattaya.

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