Not updating crosses branches

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Branches occur naturally when two divergent source trees, both containing Alembic revision files created independently within those source trees, are merged together into one.When this occurs, the challenge of a branch is to merge the branches into a single series of changes, so that databases established from either source tree individually can be upgraded to reference the merged result equally.Note Alembic 0.7.0 features an all-new versioning model that fully supports branch points, merge points, and long-lived, labeled branches, including independent branches originating from multiple bases.A great emphasis has been placed on there being almost no impact on the existing Alembic workflow, including that all commands work pretty much the same as they did before, the format of migration files doesn’t require any change (though there are some changes that are recommended), and even the structure of the table does not change at all.done Generating /path/to/foo/model/networking/3cac04ae8714_create_networking_... done FAILED: Version 3cac04ae8714 specified branch_labels networking, however the migration file foo/model/networking/3cac04ae8714_create_networking_does not have them; have you upgraded your mako to include the 'branch_labels' section?

The starting points of this traversal are the current heads within our database, and the end point is the “head” revision or revisions specified.Let’s put all these together and refer to a new “base”, that is, a whole new tree of revision files that will be semi-independent of the account/shopping cart revisions we’ve been working with.This new tree will deal with database tables involving “networking”.a , and the migration files for these two revisions are checked into our source repository.Consider if we merged into our source repository another code branch which contained a revision for another table called $ alembic heads --verbose Rev: 27c6a30d7c24 (head) Parent: 1975ea83b712 Path: foo/versions/27c6a30d7c24_add_shopping_cart_add shopping cart table Revision ID: 27c6a30d7c24 Revises: 1975ea83b712 Create Date: 2014-11-20 .436407 Rev: ae1027a6acf (head) Parent: 1975ea83b712 Path: foo/versions/ae1027a6acf_add_a_add a column Revision ID: ae1027a6acf Revises: 1975ea83b712 Create Date: 2014-11-20 .849677 $ alembic upgrade head FAILED: Multiple head revisions are present for given argument 'head'; please specify a specific target revision, '@head' to narrow to a specific head, or 'heads' for all heads An Alembic merge is a migration file that joins two or more “head” files together.

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