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God doesn’t just let us sin and just get away with it, right. I think it’s helpful to go to 1 Timothy and to just see Paul’s breakdown there of “treat younger women as sisters, older women as mothers in absolute purity”.

We often bring those consequences into marriage and I think often those consequences we deal with are of the actions we took, the sins we committed in that dating stage. So that gives us this breakdown of, if she’s not your wife, she’s either your sister or your mother.

So there ought to be the growth of that desire, yet it ought to be kept under control until it can be consummated within the marriage relationship. Find an older couple, give them absolute freedom to ask you difficult questions, and then commit between the two of you, you will always ask, no answer honestly. Asking you those blunt questions, that will be tremendously, tremendously helpful.

Community is so helpful in appealing to other people. If you know there’s a couple you love and respect, who’ll be coming to you and saying, how are you guys doing? You can appeal to them, you can ask them for help, you can ask them for prayer.

And of course, you would never commit any kind of sexual deed with a mother or sister. So, use that basis, find other things in scripture that just lay down the challenge.

And don’t assume that you’ll be the one couple or the one person who never struggles in this way.

It’s God’s good desire that that sexual desire grows throughout your relationship leading to marriage.

They also offer a program where you watch videos and earn rewards for watching them that you get to pick out.For some people the concept is a little scary, similar to the fear of meeting men at a bar.There are other ways to meet single men, but it will take a proactive approach.What on earth has gone wrong with Christian dating?Why does it seem so much more difficult today than it was just a generation ago?

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