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I won’t go into his impressive list of credits here but if you are interested in checking them out, visit his filmography pages on his IMDb file. At the time of this publication, that makes him 37-years old. I am mentioning this because when you look at this actor, he seems to be one of those people that are somehow able to defy his true age. About the only person that comes close is mega-watt celebrity, Jared Leto.

I’ll be getting into some of the reasons what I think Zano is able to do this but what is important that you know now is that the man appears to have good genes.

If you are a fan of MDL, you likely know that I go into a lot of detail about celebrity workouts and self-care routines and include a psychological slant. How has he been able to build and maintain such a strong, lean and attractive body? Is there something we can glean from his body type that might give us clues to his physical appearance?

And what might Nick Zano be doing to keep himself looking much younger than his biological age?

Just to give you an idea of how real this guy is – his grandmother was a bartender – meaning he came from he came from working person stock, just like me and perhaps just like you.

I’ve studied this blue eyed actor for some time now and looked at some of the details of his past.

My hope in presenting what appears here – viewed through the bifocal lenses of behavioral profiling and exercise science – will allow you to enhance your appearance using Nick Zano as a blueprint.

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