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I'd say that the fear with having sex with a deaf person would be them being super loud which could be awkward for roommates or take you out of the moment.

Any weird sounds are more manageable at a lower volume.

But it's a perfectly solvable problem: Tell your partner about your worries, and ask them to make you aware if it's an issue.

And if it makes you more comfortable, try it when the roommates are gone.

Telling her it's not going to be a problem, or that her partners won't care (especially if they're "not a douchebag") is just plain irresponsible and naïve.

I responded too late unfortunately, but long story short - OP is right to be concerned. This unending encouragement and disregard for her anxiety is not going to adequately prepare her for her first encounter(s) and I hope she's getting real advice from someone who's been in her position (or mine).

By the way, using music or TV to cover up sounds is pretty much standard etiquette in shared apartments, so that wouldn't be an unusual countermeasure either.

I wish I could masturbate more but I can only do it when I know I'm definitely alone at home, and even then, it's with great hesitance because I'm worried my housemates will walk in and hear the awful sounds I'll make.I was horrified, but in that moment, I really, really, REALLY, wished I knew ASL.Oh god, I'm really sorry, but this isn't at all helpful to OP's problem.My personal suggestion would be to communicate this with a potential partner beforehand.Let him/her know about your insecurities so that there's no surprise, and they can reassure you or let you know if it actually is a problem. true that the noise can be an issue, and trying to deny that doesn't help.

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