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i.e could both sites be using something like 192.168.0.x ? Also if the old site uses the same subnet and is still connected it won't work as the Netgear will not know to which site to send the reply to. Did you manually create the policy on the 4 new PC's ? Have you tried exporting the policy from the working laptop, and importing to the new PC?Might be worth a try then you can be certain everything is exactly the same, except the PC's own IP addressing. Note; importing will overwrite the existing configuration.Might be "Safe Net IKE service", "Pro Safe IKE service", or similar. None are connected currently and I only had the second site connect when I recorded the logs. This will allow us to just purchase the wg50750 for each new office to connect back. Then again I do appreciate not always easy to convince the client until you have exhausted other options.As far as the policies on the client pc, there is only one. Likely did not need to go to the Watch Guard a second Netgear would have accomplished the same. As for the Watchguards, I am not familiar with that model, but they are great units.Your help is greatly appreciated as usual and I will reward full points, as this is important.Thanks, MDP "take them to the new site, install the client software, and try to connect, it says successfully connected.The FVS328 has can run 60 VPN tunnels simultaneously and if you have a FVS 318 in each locaiton you can establish tunnels with the hardware rather than use remote clients software.

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Any chance the new site is using the same subnet as the primary office?first using a Netgear fvs318 at one end to a fvs114 at the other...NOTHING but problems..vpn connection would intermittently drop out for no apparent reason...The other option I was wondering is maybe it was a security setting on the domain that wouldn't allow the pc's to finish the phase 2. I will probably join the domain and then see if the same thing happens to the laptop.If it does, then I know it is definitely in the domain settings being applied to the pc.

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