Netflix queue not updating on xbox Metrosexual chat rooms

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The second method requires you to take the console offline, cancel the download, power cycle the console and once the game is installed successfully, get online and download the update. Step 1: Take your console offline Do the following: Step 4: Install the game Now, with the internet connection still off, follow the steps to install the game again.

If you don’t keep the internet connection off at this time, the update process may start again and interrupt your installation process.

This will get rid of your Netflix profile’s entire history, including the My List saves, your Recently Watched list, and your Ratings.

You can then create a new profile and start from scratch.

You can do this by connecting the Ethernet cable back into your console if you are using a wired connection.

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It's my understanding that the 4 device limit refers to simultaneous usages of the service rather than the number of total registered devices.

That's just an educated guess as I've had the same NF account forever and have accessed the service from several i Phone's, Xbox's and other PC's that if such was the case I would've needed to clear out old devices in lieu of the new long ago.

As for the second issue where the console appears to be unresponsive to accessing the Guide, be assured that we are seeing some reports of this behavior not just with Netflix and are passing along console reports for investigation. There have been Netflix issues since day 0, it uses too much memory and resources even running in the background. As mentioned above, when Netflix decides it doesn’t want to closed I am able to call up the GUIDE, however the controls used to navigate the GUIDE do not register to the GUIDE - they control the dimmed out Netflix app in the background.

If you continue to encounter this issue make sure and submit a report after rebooting the console so we can pass it along to investigate as well. Hey Chaser buddy, no idea if this will help at all--maybe just something to try--but... Thus, the only action, other than holding the Nexus button on the console itself or cord pulling to force restart is to long-press the remote’s Nexus, as mentioned above, which will bring up the shut down menu and either select TURN OFF CONSOLE or select REPORT A PROBLEM option that will load the Insider App in which cause I can force close Netflix via the GUIDE. CMJust a thought when i pay for Ultra HD i get 4 devices can watch Netflix and If you pay for HD you only get 2 devices to watch Netflix, now i dont know what you get in States or where ever your located but maybe it thinks you got too many devices utilizing App so it's having a boo boo trying to work, just a [email protected] u/Guru Kronos & u/SGTSADLER … u/Guru Kronos: My apologies for not responding to your post yesterday; had some IRL issues that occupied most of the day and didn't remember to follow up this morning until I received another notification this thread has been added to.

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