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As I came closer I opened my mouth and my tongue came in touch with her nipple started sucking on it.After a while dad came up from behind her and watched me suck his hot wife's breast.He was not in his uniform and told me if he could come in quickly. He looked at mom and told her that lot of guys were passing by and would stop and look if he had kept the door opened.Moms nipples were now turning hard with him staring at her.As I hesitated she told me to suck on her breasts like I used to when I was a kid and came near me.She then lay down on one side facing me and pushed her negligee open for me to access her breasts.She asked me how the sucking experience was after a long time as I childishly replied to her saying that there was no milk. Mom was still wearing the same negligee and I looked at her nipple and how hard I had sucked them yesterday.

When I did open the door it was the same guy again.

My mom was standing wearing a completely see through negligee near the bed and she was not wearing any panties and did not bother covering up. Her nipples were poking against the thin see through fabric and her curves of her boobs and aureole were clearly visible When the guy placed the tray on the table, I was staring at my moms pubic hair, where the hem of the negligee ended, wishing I could get a glance of her pussy but I couldn't.

The Guy then staring and smirking at my mom asked my mom to sign the bill.

The guy blushed and said thank you and walked towards the door.

My mom and me were both embarrassed and were in direct angle of the door.

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