Naomi harris dating

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Naomie Harris is known to be extra careful on what she does on the public so having photographs with her man in the public was a surprise for many people.Before she was known to say that she is not willing to give birth but after sometime, she changed her mind and she does not mind to be a mother now.Her net worth is 4 million dollars and she started to play since 1987.To the way that she portrayed Winnie Mandela said that she it does not seem as if she was acting.She was Selena in the 28 days later and she was Winnie Mandela in the movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

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Roll the clock back to 1987 and you'd find Naomi playing the part of Joyce in TV series Simon and the Witch.She has even said that having a baby with her husband, may improve the acting skills.She said that the babies may suck the energy out of the person and before she was not ready to do so but now she is ready for it.In that year, she was the star of White Teeth TV adaptation of Zadie Smith.Naomie Harris is yet to get married, but she had been dating Peter Legler for some time and she had decided to go public with this relationship since they did not like that their relationship be known to the public for some years now.

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