Ms project dependencies not updating

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Drawing on PMI best practice this guide explains why Project Managers should avoid linking summary tasks in Microsoft Project.We explain what summary tasks are and clarify the problems with linking summary activities.MS Project prevents links between activities that would create circular logic.Consider a plan with 3 activities: Task A, Task B and Task C.Linking summary tasks can have some negative consequences for planning so while MS Project allows summary tasks to be linked you may decide to avoid this altogether.I have tried to find positive reasons for linking summary tasks, other than saving time by simplifying the creation of the plan dependencies.

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It is very easy to create dependencies when you connected two or more sub-projects through a parent or master project.It generally is not recommended to use links on summary activities because the logic can be difficult to follow and the practice may not be supported by all scheduling tools.Use of links on summary activities may produce logic errors and create circular logic within the schedule model.This article will help you understand how to create external dependency of two individual projects that are not in aforementioned sub-project & master project scenario.Create a new project ‘Project1.mpp’ with 3 simple tasks A = 2 days B = 3 days C = 4 days Create another project ‘Project2.mpp’ with 3 simple tasks X = 5 days Y = 6 days Z = 7 days Make sure both the files are in the same folder or at least accessible.

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