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Mary Scheer, Chris Hogan, and Lisa Kushell left the show.

Andrew Bowen and Mo Collins joined as repertory players, with Michael Mc Donald as a featured player (and later upgraded to the repertory status).

Cast members are introduced alphabetically, with their names appearing in caption over a slow-motion montage of color still photos of them.

When the last featured cast member is introduced, the music stops and the title sequence ends with the phrase "You are now watching Mad TV." Ms. A spoof of There's Something About Mary focuses on the romance between Bill Clinton (Will Sasso) and Monica Lewinsky (Alex Borstein).

Steven Seagal (Will Sasso) kicks the crap out of people while touring America.

Lorraine (Mo Collins) peruses items at a yard sale.

Keanu Reeves (Andrew Bowen) gives students lessons in wooden acting.

However, she did return in the sixth episode, the show's Halloween special, performing her popular characters Antonia and The Vancome Lady. Season four had a notable change of pace and format compared to the first three seasons.CNN frequently interrupts a TV show with an important news bulletin by Bernard Shaw (Phil La Marr).A man (Will Sasso) calling a sex line accidentally reaches Ms. Mad TV vies for Emmy consideration with a sketch featuring Sonny Bono's widow Mary (Alex Borstein) and first wife Cher (Mo Collins) settling their differences through song. Howard Stern (Pat Kilbane) reviews Mad TV's past and present cast.Debra Wilson promotes a virtual reality retirement home. Beverly Hills, 90210 and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later merge in a parody.Mark Mc Gwire (Will Sasso) and Sammy Sosa (Phil La Marr) dance with each other (recurring sketch throughout episode).

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