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When the family are in the kitchen cooking dinner together under the scrutiny of Janet Ryland (Allison Janney), Gary alerts Selina to the fact that Catherine is a vegetarian and that she had told Selina 3 months ago.

This becomes a problem as the family is cooking a chicken dish and Selina tries to convince Catherine to eating the food to protect her image. In Detroit she reflexively punches a protestor who attacks her mother making national headlines.

After the speech, Selina criticizes Catherine's outfit, which looks exactly like hers, and appears to have returned to normal.The episode ends with an awkward focus on Catherine trying to process her parents' treatment of her.In 'First Response', a camera crew arrive at the Selina's residence to film an interview with the Meyer family and Catherine reluctantly reveals on camera that she and Rahim had broken up.Catherine first appears in the third episode of the series.She arrives at the Vice President's office during a particularly stressful day for her mother, who is dealing with the fallout over the Clean Jobs Bill.

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