Mom and sun sex chat and photos

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By now my mental health had descended to such a state I was suffering from a severe bout of depression. I had a toddler under two with my new partner, as well as the older kids. Even though it was exhausting, he was thrilled – at first. We were having sex five times a day to satisfy my needs, yet it wasn’t enough. In the end I couldn’t risk going out and became a recluse.

However, we didn’t have a place of our own and we were living with his parents. A year later I started seeing a psychiatrist for my depression.

But the new meds didn’t stop me wanting to have sex – instead they just dimmed the sensations I felt. But then I had a rebound relationship shortly after which was very intense. I told him it wasn’t funny wanting sex all of the time – and that I was never ever fulfilled. Sometimes we could make love for seven hours a day.

I did a lot of online research about my thirst for sex and concluded that I was a nymphomaniac – a woman with an uncontrollable sexual desire. But we weren’t compatible outside of the bedroom and so we split. Again it wasn’t serious - the relationship was based around sex.

I was choosing emotionally unavailable partners to protect myself from going down another dark path into obsessive sex.We’d have sex most days and in 2010 we had a daughter, now eight, together.I moved in with him and we got engaged, but as we settled down with my two kids and our daughter, I began to feel insecure and unsettled.Feeling insecure and in the grip of despair - sex was all I could think about. When I mentioned my sex addiction to her, she did change the combination of my medication.It was then I discovered why my body craved sex - it's one of the easiest ways to get a quick fix of "happy hormones".

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