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Or at least a tale as old as "Sweet Home Alabama." A big city girl moves back to a small southern town and falls in love with the simple life.That's what we're likely to get with the new CW pilot in the works called "Hart of Dixie." The pilot stars Rachel Bilson as a successful doctor in New York City who inherits her own practice in a small town in the the story of Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie), a troubled teenager from Chino, and The Cohens, the family who takes him in.not completely, but i did trust him to take them and keep would bother me,if he shared them, but i guess i feel like he was interested enough so that he wouldn't want anyone but himself to see them.Ryan is thrust into the glamorous world of Orange County, and into the lives of the Cohens and their neighbors.There's Kirsten Cohen, Sandy's kind, but slightly guarded wife; nerdy and isolated Seth Cohen, their son; Marissa Cooper, their beautiful but troubled neighbor; Julie Cooper, Marissa's scheming mother; and Summer Roberts, Marissa's best friend.

If rumours are to be believed Bollywood actress Lara Dutta was said to have dated the ace golfer after she had won the Miss Universe contest way back in 2000.

Sandy and Kristen Cohen, as well as Julie Cooper, have recurring storylines as the parents of the show's main characters.

The storylines focus on many problems that the teenagers may be affected by, including alcoholism, bankruptcy, and divorce of the parents.

Ryan and his brother are arrested for grand theft auto, but Ryan's idealistic public defender, Sandy Cohen, recognizes Ryan's intelligence and offers him a way out.

When Ryan's alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend kick him out, Ryan has no choice but to call Sandy.

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