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I also get really upset by interactive experiences that go badly: “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were traumatizing.It’s like there’s no safety barrier between the experience and my sense of self.I’m wondering whether that has anything to do with the gender bias of game developers, but don’t know enough to speculate intelligently.But during the series, the hosts played two Japanese dating simulations or visual novels* (Hatoful Boyfriend, Katawa Shoujo) and one North American corollary (Judith), one AI-driven story system (Facade), one “triple A” action game (Catherine), two indie art explorations (Passage, Loved), and the sui generis “The Sims 3: Late Night”, and expressed throughout the series the idea that they’d run out of game types in which romance is the central theme fairly fast.I'm actually sure I've emailed BA over 2 years ago and maybe blogged it a while ago.See the problem I had was that my password timed out and I needed to get a eticket for the return journey.According to many Slashdotters there calling bullshit.But in the past I've also seen how easy it is to exploit BA's online system.





If the seven episodes of “Meta Dating” so far reflect the scope of romance-themed games at present, there’s not a lot out there.The fourth episode included a game called “Judith” that was a rough take-off on the Bluebeard fairy tale. The “I love him so I have to know” actually seemed like a save: maybe the game designer realized that the character of Judith needed a better motive than curiosity to stick around and explore, but the salvage was really clunky.One of the designers (fellow liberal arts grad) took a stab at analyzing the themes, and then suggested someone else could write an article on it. Games require items to manipulate, puzzles to solve, and monsters to fight, but “Bluebeard” is not a story that neatly accommodates those elements.Anyway, I guess I should go and see if I can get my old details without a password…Hopefully some mainstream attention like this will force BA to recheck there site and maybe solve the flaw I identified all that time ago.

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