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Amassing a substantial Twitch following in such a short time was emotionally challenging for Higa."When my channel started blowing up, there was a point where I wondered if I should delete my channel," she said.Though Ramona is clearly posing with a man in the photo, captioned “Wearing red for good luck to celebrate the #chinesenewyear last night @oavnyc #aboutlastnight,” his identity has been covered with a heart eyes emoji edited over his face.In the comments, fans are split about who the man might be, with Harry Dubin and Mario being the two top guesses.She recalled that going from a couple of people to 100 "was super overwhelming, and I was worried that I was going to say or do something wrong." Higa made friends with some of the other large streamers on the platform including Mizkif, a streamer who started out creating compilations before becoming a personality himself.With over 188,000 followers on Twitch gathered over 11 months, he plays video games, chats with fans and shares personal details about his everyday life.

Twitch is a live streaming platform full of memes, gossip and occasionally even some video game play.The official synopsis for tonight episode, entitled “Birds, Broads, and Breakups,” reads “Tinsley and Luann attend an Al-Anon meeting; Dorinda joins Tinsley for a dress rehearsal before her big day as guest ringmaster at the Big Apple Circus; Ramona, Luann and Sonja run into Ramona’s ex, Mario; Dorinda hosts a spa day for the ladies.” Mario’s cameo on season 11 of the reality show was teased in the trailer, and his time spent with Ramona is expected to play out in the episode.If Instagram is any indication, Ramona appears to be single.Maya Jama was back on Loose Women today, fast-becoming a regular feature of the show.She is certainly making a name for herself as a television and radio presenter, dabbling with a number of different projects as her career goes from strength to strength.

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