Math speed dating

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Students work on each other's problem, ask the "expert" student questions...

and when you feel the energy change to socializing tell them to SWITCH!

Missing three days of school due to the snow and ice really threw off my plans for Algebra 2. But, I had to spend the first four days of the new semester finishing up our logarithm unit. This surprised me because my Algebra 2 students LOVED them last year.

I had hoped to get through logarithms before Christmas Break. This might have had something to do with the fact that I chose to introduce them on a day that most students thought we should have been out of school.

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Like my page on Facebook to stay connected with Out of the Mill!**The original “Speed Dating” in Math Class idea came from the amazing Kate Nowak.She does it a bit differently, where each student is an expert on a certain problem and then explains it to others.Recently, though, my fam and I decided we were going to be anything but.We decided that with the talents God has given us and with the passion for life that has been brewing within, we were going to break out of the mold.

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