Marrying after 6 months dating

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But when you compare the couples based on the age they moved in together (either before or right after marriage), there is no higher risk of divorce for living together before marriage.

These findings suggest that it might be your age—not your relationship status—that makes you a good candidate for shacking up.

“A lot of what we do is a reaction to what people think you’re supposed to do. Move in, but live together for at least this amount of time.’ All those rules I kind of want to rebel against.” Hey, we get it.

No one wants to be told when to make major, life-changing decisions—or that you're jumping the gun too soon. Here's what we dug up: The "Best" Time To Move In Together For years, researchers have been saying that you should wait until marriage to move in together.

Now, a new study says that moving in together before marriage won't increase your risk of divorce.

These researchers say that all the previous data compared couples based on their age at marriage, meaning the couples who lived together first were younger when they made a big commitment.

ANOTHER mistake, which any divorced person can tell you is not something he or she wants to make.

But lately, we’ve been seeing more celebs tossing the timeline out the window.

Recently, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting revealed that she and her now-husband moved in together after their first date—and they got engaged just three months later.

The verdict: Living together before marriage isn't a relationship death sentence, but it seems that waiting until you're at least 25 will increase your odds of a lasting relationship.

Other factors like being engaged or seeing this as a step towards marriage are also crucial signs to look for.

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