Maria sharapova djokovic dating

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WHILST sidelined with a shoulder injury in 2008, Sharapova dated the television producer Charlie Ebersol.He'd survived a plane crash which killed his brother three years earlier and is the son of former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol.

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interview, which is illustrated by this ballerina shot taken by celebrated Annie Leibovitz.

The question is, could they be hiding the split, postponing the worse, or they are just private and relaxed about their wedding plans?

First of all, no recent sightings of the couple have reached the media, while before, every now and then there was some story about them.

EARLY in her career, Sharapova was rumoured to have had a short relationship with the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine after they met at her 18th birthday party.

The fling resulted in a lawsuit from the pop star, who successfully sued a Russian publication who claimed that he'd broke things off because of criticisms about Sharapova's sexual performance.

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