Mao and matsumoto jun dating

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Last year’s wedding chatter was on Inoue Mao wanting to get married before she started the year long filming for the 2015 Taiga Hana Moyu (花燃ゆ Burning Flower), but reportedly the schedule didn’t work out and Matsu Jun’s agency Johnny & Associates was still having heartburn with him getting married while Arashi remains the top male idol group in Japan even 15 years in.

Wedding watch was reignited last month when sources from the set of Hana Moyu revealed Inoue Mao is openly discussing plans for her wedding after the Taiga wraps at the end of September, wanting to wear a traditional Japanese wedding kimono rather than a white wedding dress.

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The Arashi fans waiting outside the station were making a fuss about it.Shibasaki has also been often caught on camera hanging out with ex-boyfriend TAKUYA from Uverworld, because she was turned off by Matsumoto’s inability to take charge.Stop me if this sounds familiar, but ‘Hana Yori Dango‘ couple Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao marriage rumors are swirling once again, this time putting their marriage date in late-2015 after they were supposed to get married in late-2014 after they were supposed to announce their engagement in late-2014.According to entertainment journalist, Imozawa Sadao, her ex boyfriend Matsu Jun is currently giving her a helping hand, one of his staff said he said "Its part of my fault that she had to quit her previous agency" They have broken up but they still have a strong bond. So far nothing has been revealed so Matsumoto is still and will always be officially a Male Man.

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