Listbox not updating pregnant after 3 months of dating

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Selected Value s Sql = "SELECT DISTINCT ""Item"" FROM ""Part Number"" WHERE ""Customer"" = '" & s Selected Value & "' ORDER BY ""Item"" ASC" o Field = o Form1By Name("txt Replaces") o Field.listsource = array(s Sql) o Field.refresh() End Sub I dont think this can be adapted easily as the database basic structure is different.

3) Do i have to have certain libraries or addons running for some macros to work, i think the obvious answer is yes but for the above macro do i need anything special running.

Hi All, I am looking to update a Listbox in a form based on another Listbox. I can for example see my previous database with a "refresh" macro and I can see my new database underneath but cannot see a way to copy the macro.

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The reaseon I get this warning is that on one radio button I import two strings making the handles.listbox3, 'value') = 2 the others it equals '1' If I select the second (bottom) string and change radio button the listbox dissapears because the maximum number of strings sent to the listbox is now 1 and two is outside the bounds.4) Could someone be so kind as to format the above macro to work with the ECN-RFQ form to enable only the relevant purchasers to show according to their company (customer) name?I can then use this to study how to do the same on other forms as I am sure I will use this kind of Listbox again on other forms. Regards Max C:\fakepath\Project Tracking Test V1.09Sub Cust Change o Form1 = This Component. By Name("Main Form") 'Get Form o Field = o Form1By Name("txt Customer") s Selected Value = o Field.The insert method takes an index and a string to insert.The index is usually an item number (0 for the first item in the list), but you can also use some special indexes, including ACTIVE, which refers to the The listbox offers four different selection modes through the selectmode option.

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