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The ADQ drew enough votes from previous PQ supporters to give the victory to Jean Charest's Liberals, but did not make a significant breakthrough in the National Assembly.In the months that followed the election, the ADQ benefited from anger over the decision of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) not to renew the license of Quebec City radio station CHOI-FM.The Charlottetown Accord would have recognized Quebec as a "distinct society" within Canada, but consisted of a much milder reform of the Canadian federal system.While most Liberals supported the Charlottetown Accord, a number of them opposed it and quit the party.In April and June 2002, voter dissatisfaction with both the Parti Québécois (PQ) government of Bernard Landry and the Liberal alternative presented by Jean Charest led the ADQ to an unexpected victory in a series of by-elections, bringing the party caucus to five members.After the by-election wins, the ADQ soared in popularity, leading the established parties in public opinion polling for the first time in its existence.

However, the party later chose the Charlottetown Accord over the Allaire Report in 1992.For a brief period, a number of political analysts predicted that the ADQ could gather as much as 42% of the vote and more than 80 seats in the National Assembly, which would have been enough for a strong majority.The increased popularity of the party provided the ADQ with larger grassroots support, more money and star candidates for the subsequent election.Led by Jean Allaire, an attorney from Laval and author of the Allaire Report, and Mario Dumont, a rising political star who had been President of the Liberal Youth Commission, the dissidents founded the ADQ.Allaire became the first party leader, but resigned within a few months for health reasons.

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