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The customer almost always gets their money back even though they also violated the TOS.Any money in the model’s account will be frozen and may not be retrieved for some time, if it is released at all. Camming models can generally charge more for Skype shows because they’re outside of the network and more private.Camming models generally keep more of the profits as well, as they’re only being charged payment processing fees and not the current revenue-share of the camming network.Tease Now, Pay Later: A variation on the old “flash me then I’ll take you private” bullshit on streaming sites, these guys want you to type them endless streams of dirty talk to “get them hard” before they buy a show. Preview Proof: Sometimes guys will ask for a preview to confirm that you are the same person on cam as in the photos shown on your profile, often claiming to have been scammed before.

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A lot of models struggle with handling initial inquiries from potential customers.Gift cards can also be cancelled by the purchaser up until they are redeemed for product, which is something to keep in mind.Entire websites exist that allow scammers to create fake gift card emails, so keep that in mind when you are deciding whether or not to accept gift cards as payment.Refunds: It is increasingly well-known that many popular vanilla payment methods like Pay Pal and Google Wallet do not permit adult industry transactions, and some guys are exploiting this.A shocking number of models have given into the desire for convenience and higher earning % and still accept payment on Paypal, Google Wallet, Circle Pay, Venmo, etc.

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