Korea dating culture

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Most people in the west don’t have tolerance for such sweetness.

This may not be very different from the west because a majority of people are spending 80% of their time locked on their mobile screens.

Traditionally, in some countries, marriage unions served as social, economic, or political alliances between the couple’s families. While time may have changed that, Koreans still feel that they need to follow these traditions to an extent.

While they are free to date whoever they want in the modern setting, they take their family’s approval very seriously.

However, any no-strings-attached arrangements must stay a secret from families regardless of the time spent together.

They can, however, decide to make it official and then, they will introduce the foreigner to the family for approval.

The furthest they go is holding hands, but a kiss in Korean streets is not tolerated.

They view this as a romantic gesture that should be shared by lovers in their own private space, not with everyone.

It can get quite stressful, and expensive because the girls still need gifts and the infamous ring they have to get after the first 100 days in the relationship.However, people in the west believe in the three-day rule where they wait till three days before they call their date.In Korea dating, you can forget all about that because instant messages and adorable emojis are what they send to their partners most of the day.Couple outfits are sold everywhere including shirts, sneakers, caps, jewelry and even things like pillows.It’s like couples live in their own world of cuteness and the whole country is in on it.

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