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Now, in It’s Messy, Amanda offers readers an extension of that conversation, inviting them into her life and sharing her own story.From childhood fame to a high-profile marriage (and divorce) to teen motherhood to the sexism that threatened to end her career before it started, Amanda shares the good, the bad, and the messy of her life, synthesizing lessons she’s learned along the way.Through it all, she offers an original perspective as a feminist on the front lines of celebrity culture.

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Reeves is said to have had Relationship with several celebrities, including Amanda De Cadenet, Sandra Bullock, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Melissa Reigel and Jill Schoelen. Although we understand that rumors can sometimes be true, there is nothing to prove that he is, or has never been gay.

While in prison, the man graduated from high school.

He abandoned his wife and family when Keanu Reeves was only 3 years old.

So I wasn't looking for a tell-all group of essays when I agreed to review this book.

I really was just looking for a book of essays about women's issues, which seems to be one of the few kinds of books that's really working for me these days. de Cadenet has certainly lead an interesting life, a much messier life than a privileged young lady might have been expected to live growing up.

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