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The file can be viewed without the original application using a free PDF reader that can be easily downloaded from the Adobe web site.Not only is it accessible without the application, the file can be shared across different computer platforms (PC and Mac).The resolution that a printer can use maxes out at around 300 to 350 dpi at 100%, so any files with more resolution are just bigger files and will not lead to any better quality. JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or JPG is a popular file format.The image file can be compressed to a much smaller file size than the TIFF files.For printing: 300 dots per inch (dpi) or pixels per inch (ppi) at the target dimensions.So for a file that is 3″ x 5″, the pixel density for printing is 900 pixels by 1500 pixels.Image size is directly proportional to the number of pixels in the image.The format also has limitations that make it less flexible.

PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is also a popular Web and computer screen format.When preparing photos for printing, there are two main technical considerations.The first is the size of the file image (resolution), and the second is the proper final format of the file.BMP (Bitmap) is an uncompressed proprietary format invented by Microsoft.It is an exact representation of an image area on a computer screen.

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