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The show used to be much better, but it can still be an interesting insight into modern Chinese society, and attitudes in China to dating and relationships.Pretty similar to the ‘Got Talent’ shows in other countries.Most of the challenges are related to memorization, and you can pretty much figure out what is going on, even if you don’t know much Chinese.A dating show format that was bought from the UK, and has since been copied by all of the local Chinese TV stations, this original show is on Jiangsu TV, and has been going for years.

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If you think Chinese kids are cute this is the show for you, plus most of the dialogue from the children is fairly simple for beginners to understand.Back when I first started learning Chinese, it used to be pretty difficult to find a lot of the TV shows online, but now it is much easier.You can find many of the shows on Youtube if you just copy and paste the Chinese into a Youtube search.As difficult as it may seem to understand Chinese TV programmes, there are a couple of things in your favour. The main presenters will generally speak with standard Mandarin pronunciation, because to become a TV presenter in mainland China you have to pass a Mandarin language test where you get marks taken off for every syllable you say wrongly (I know, it sounds crazy).This is good for the learner, because you’ll be picking up good pronunciation. Except for live shows, Chinese TV almost always has subtitles for everything, so if you are learning to read and write at the same time then it will give you a bit of a ‘safety net’ so you can understand more of what you hear. Even if you haven’t been learning Chinese long and you can’t really understand much, you will still be able to watch some of the simpler and more visual shows.

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